Steps for a

Painless Tattoo

Time to relax and let the art happen.

Time to relax and let the art happen.

Before Tattoo Session

1 Before Tattoo Session

Apply a thick layer of Hush Gel, about ¼ inch, before breaking the skin. Lightly spread the tattoo numbing gel onto the work surface. DO NOT rub Hush Gel into the skin.

2 Before Tattoo Session

Cover the tattoo area with plastic wrap. Let it rest for at least (1) hour for absorption. Remove the plastic wrap. Hush Gel will last up to two (2) hours after removal of wrap and product.

3 Before Tattoo Session

After removing the wrap, prep the skin for a painless tattoo session. We recommend using Hush CBD Foam Soap to cleanse the skin and protect the artwork from discoloration.

During Tattoo Session

1 During Tattoo Session

During the tattoo session, once the skin is broken and after the outline is complete…

2 During Tattoo Session

Apply a generous amount of Hush Spray to the area being tattooed. It will numb the skin immediately on contact and lasts about 45 minutes.

3 During Tattoo Session

For optimal results, allow Hush Spray to absorb for 10-15 minutes.

4 During Tattoo Session

Reapply Hush Spray as needed.

After Tattoo Session

After Tattoo Session

Use Hush CBD Foam Soap before, during, and after tattoo sessions to help remove bacteria & blood that may disrupt the healing process.

Easy as it gets.

How it works

Yessir. We made a cartoon to better explain how to use Hush Gel, Spray, and Foam Soap at your next tattoo session.

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